Sending a Person to Mars is the Last Thing You Would Want to Do

Why Send People to Mars.

Have we all become insane or is NASA just playing with us? Mars is not a place for thrill seekers, nor is it a place to be playing “Lets see if we can get there.”

Photo of Mars.

We would have to prepare for colonization first.

Going to Mars is the same as if you were going to the New World, first you setup an outpost, to see if it's survivable and viable for what you want to do. These days that will require the minds of scientists and the likes. Not many smart minded or I should say rational thinking scientists are just going to jump onto the next ship to Mars being that they might not be coming back. And that's not needed these days with the technological advances we have had and will have in the very near future.

Photo of Mars.

What needs to be done first.

NASA should be working on traveling to Mars in a virtual sense. That is, remotely going to Mars. There is no reason to send living creatures to Mars, it can all be done via remote control. With computers and communications being what they are today no one ever needs to go to Mars until you have your favorite hotel chain already setup and running ready to receive humans, not to mention your favorite hamburger joint.

Also the environment on Mars would only allow humans to enjoy its wonder virtually, being that the atmosphere on Mars is deadly to humans. That can be done on Mars itself or on earth via the same equipment used to view it on Mars. You are going to need to be protected from the Martian environment.

Photo of Mars.

The technological needs are great but we can do it.

We need to get to work on developing equipment, machines, and communications to work the Martian environment remotely. We have just about every technological necessity we would need to do this now with the rest coming in the next fifty years or so.

Photo of Mars.

Are long term projects possible with our present political system?

But can a project lasting longer than 4 to 8 years be carried out in America, and has NASA with its great minds already figured out that any project lasting longer than 4 to 8 years is a no go?

Well, maybe China can start working on this because this will need political and social agreement that will last a bit longer than 4 to 8 years.

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